Terms and Conditions

Your security is our administration. Your privacy and individual details are most essential for us. You need to furnish us with all the required information for your safety and services. Mountain Yatra Tours and Travels Ltd. will accept the ticketing/booking/reservation of your trek package under below terms and conditions.

  • Documents and Papers:

All the papers and the documents which are required at the time of traveling should be carried or provided at need like visa, citizenship, tour package ticket, etc. Otherwise, Mountain Yatra will not be responsible for trip cancellation before the trip departs in absent of essential papers.

  • Physically in good Health:

Great well being and physical wellness are required on all excursions. We prescribe a physical examination for all trekkers on expanded treks.

  • Travel Insurance:

You should get an extensive travel insurance against medicinal, normal disaster, helicopter departure, individual mishap, trip crossing out and so on. This is emphatically proposed to all our regarded customers. All expenses for crisis clearing must be paid in cash money in Nepal except if an insurance agency has consented to pay the expenses for your sake. So, you must carry some extra money yourself for your safety.

  • Tour Discipline:

The traveler must be in discipline as they are not allowed to fight, taking/ supplying/ selling and also carrying drugs and other illegal materials. They are responsible by them own for those activities.

  • Payment:

The trip package fee must be cleared within the departure of the trip. Otherwise, mountain yatra will be forced to cancel your trip.

  • Cancel the Booking

You must inform Mountain Yatra before 1 months of trip departure if you want to cancel your trip. Otherwise, your, money will not be returned only after the charge of 30% or will not be returned if you not inform before 1 week of trip departure.

  • Non-Moral activities with travel team and administrator:

The travel team or local tour administrator belonging to Mountain Yatra has the honorable specialist on our visits. After signing/ marking our booking structure, you consent to do this trip. In the event that you submit any illicit follow up on a visit with our team, your conduct is negative to the well being and welfare of the gathering in general; you might be requested to leave the visit with no privilege to discount.

  • Down payment:

To secure your trip package you must pay 15% of advance so, you may not be worried about your trip. You will be informed and get updated on your trip by Mountain Yatra.

  • Supplement charge for the tourist without team:

Mountain Yatra provides the rooms and tents as to the size for 2 or more tourist group. This travel agency does not help to the non- group tourist to share the room with others, so they have to pay the room alone. Otherwise tourists are recommended to travel in group.

  • Your Requirements for Travel

You have to confirm that you are 18 years of age and groups the lawful expert to go into this understanding and to utilize this site as per the terms and states of this assertion. You consent to be fiscally in charge of the majority of your utilization of this site. You additionally have to submit the document that all data provided by you in utilizing this site is valid and precise.

  • Contact Information and Communication

You must provide the contact details to make sure and to complete & legalize the trip successfully. You must provide your or at least your group contact detail, email, or fax for the update and the requirement of the trip.

  • Tour leader/ guide/ team

You must be in communication with the tourist guide throughout the journey. If you commit any illegal activities you are responsible yourself. You sign for those terms and conditions as you must be in discipline in the whole journey. So, we can serve the best service for your best trip in Nepal.